Thank you for 16 years.

It’s our 16 year anniversary on the 21st of April, and these are some of the many reasons why I love my husband…

To know him is to know a sense of ease and reassuring steadiness, where his consistency creates calm, his yes means yes, and his kindness reaches into truth and reveals a heart that is so pure. Mr line upon line and precept upon precept, Mr colour coded T-Shirt, his steadfast character is sure.

A gentle smile. Wit unexpected. With him, laughing is important and things worth doing are worth doing well. 

He is nonchalant about drama and he sees the world through lenses of hope. Always believing the best of others, he makes humility his pursuit as he believes in a future bright.

He sees what many don’t, and comments on the little things. I love how he continually reports on our children’s cute antics as he gazes at them with a father’s delight. He notices them.

His clever mind and unassuming ambition. He is a big thinker, a wild dreamer, who puts no limits on God. His strength is vision and his drive is unmatched. You are determined and strong, considered and strategic.

A very crooked pointy finder. Thick grey hair. His love for sneakers. A sweet tooth wonder, and a talented fudge maker. His supersonic sense of smell. These are just a few of the things I love about my Dylan Ivan.

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